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Re: The WEIGHT Throw in NYS
Pat, Forgive this late response. I got a flu shot this year, but some
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The WEIGHT Throw in NYS
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Re: GPS-Watch Rule
Hi Walt,   This question keeps coming up every year about every week d
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GPS-Watch Rule
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Ulster clinic meetings for the 2017/2018 season
Three clinic notes can be found in the document data base under SOCAT
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Main welcome panel

Welcome to the web site for SOCAT Track and Field Officials

Welcome to the Southern Catskill Track Officials Web Site. 

Our Chapter consists of member officials serving section I schools located in Rockland county and all section IX schools located in Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties. 

Section IX schools located in Dutchess County are assigned by R.O.I.A. (formerly known as OCIAA) office, however, you are required to be an associate member of the DCTOCA, Dutchess County Track Officials and Coaches Assocation to receive assignments from  R.O.I.A.

Our basic mission statement: (click here)

New officials and current officials... 
If you need assistance signing on to the site.. Contact the webmaster at Webmaster@socat-trackofficials.org
Do you need a logon USERID? click here to find out.
If you are interested in becoming a SOCAT Track and Field official, click here.

Thank you for visiting the SOCAT web site.  2018 (though 2/2019) could be the final year for this website at the current hosting service.  If anyone feels inclined to take-over at another hosting site.. step foward.

SOCAT Meeting Information:

21 Feb 2018:
A copy of the annual meeting agenda can be found in the document data base.
See email from your secretary for additional details regarding this meeting.
03 Jan 2018:
NFHS On-line Track and Field and Cross Country test starts on 15 Jan.
Completion by date is 1 March 2018.
18 Nov 2017:
Next meeting..  6 March 2018..  This is the SOCAT annual meeting for all members.

03 Nov 2017:  
West Point Indoor Rules Interpretation Meeting

This meeting has been completed.
– required for those working the 2017/2018 Indoor season
– 11/15/17  @ 7 PM - Valley Central HS Cafeteria 

OCIAA has published their 2017-2018 Indoor track information packet on their website.
it contains information for each meet to be held and general information all officials should know about...  many of those general items are never followed by OCIAA so beware. 
Recommend everyone review this document before our meeting and print a copy for your bag.
31 Aug 2017:
SOCAT List of Meetings/Clinics for 2017-2018 has been posted in the calendar and in the chapter information section (second from top left) item 7.
18 Mar 2017:
All meetings have been completed for the 2017 outdoor season.
Next SOCAT meeting to be scheduled for section IX officials will be the 2017/2018 Indoor meeting to be held in November.
Rockland section I officials will be informed by their county VP as to when their meetings will be held, which are usually in October.
09 Mar 2017:
Three documents submitted by our UlsterVP .. Harvey Gregory have been placed into the document database.
1) SOCAT Constitution (as approved at the 2017 Annual Meeting).
2) Clinic attendance Verification
3) Track Meet Verification of Attendance.
Direct all inquiries to Harvey.
05 Mar 2017:
- Agenda for the 2017 SOCAT annual meeting has been posted in the document database.
- Updated instructions for accessing the SafeSport program has been added to the document database.
- Five documents presented at the indoor state meeting prior to the NYS track and field championships have been placed into the document database.
1)NYSCOTFCC State outdoor Meeting Minutes 11Jun2016.
2)Rules Interpreter Report 24Feb2017
3)Rules Interpretation Summit for 2017
4)State treasurer's report as of March 2017
5)NYSCOTFCC State Meeting agenda for 5 March 2017
14 Jan 2017:
A direct link to the SOCAT draft Constitution has been provided for those you are unable to find it in the document database.
CLICK HERE to access this document. This will ask you to download the file which is in PDF format and automatically open it for you after you click on the large, blue arrow pointing downwards.

07 Jan 2017:
set for MONDAY, 6 March 2017 at Valley Central High school.
More information to be posted once received from chapter secretary.
Tentative time is 7PM.
NFHS Track and Field on-line test has opened on Friday 6 Jan 2017..  
It must be completed and submitted by Friday, 17 Feb 2017 per email from Bill Rule.

Chapter and Website news:
- If you have any track and field related documents that would be good for the chapter.. send soft-copy to the webmaster for posting.
09 Jan 2018:
Please read the forum entry regarding the 'WEIGHT Throw in NYS'.
First comes the question(s) and then the response from our NY State Interpreter, Tom McTaggart.
02 Nov 2017:
Just in from Tom McTaggart:

"Spikes in Modified track now permitted".
This resolution was approved by the NYSPHSAA Eecutive comittee on 12 October 2017. The resolution permits the use of spikes in Modified Track and Field.

Too add to this information from Tom, two documents have been added to the database.

The October 2017 NYSPHSAA Handbook (this is large) and as referenced in the handbook, a document on Weight throw procedures and specifications for Indoor Track & Field. (Oct. 2017).  
This docment should look familiar to all of us in Section IX.

27 Oct 2017:
Two documents from Tom McTaggart have been place in the data base.

These were presented at the 2017 NYS Annual Rules Summit held on 15 October, 2017.
1) Notes on starting track events
2) 2018 Rules Summit Changes

20 Sep 2017: 
 A DRAFT copy of the contract has been placed in the document data base.  It is marked up very clearly with all deletions and updates. 

"disclaimer:" this "draft" may have a few items changed in regards to Championship meets - XC & Indoor before it becomes "final".

19 Sep 2017:
1) Information received from a member of different section has indicated the NYS Annual Rules Summit will take place on Sunday 15 October 2017.
Location is as before.. McGirk's Irish Pub, 1 Kattelville Rd, Binghamton, NY
Start time: 10am

2) A copy of the 2018 track and Field & CC Rule Changes has been placed in the document database. This document was produced by the NFHS rules committee and provided by Tom McTaggart.

3) Information regarding the expiration of the previous section IX contract was briefly discussed at the Ulster meeting. A newly approved contract has yet to be found by this writer but when located it will be placed into the SOCAT document database.  
There are changes in the new contract that in the opinion of some may not be received very well by our members. At this point, nothing can be done about it.
3 Apr 2017:
TO ALL SOCAT MEMBERS... two forum entries have been added.. They contain important information from Tom McTaggart regarding some questions that have been recently been asked regarding 4Kg shot markings and the time allowed for Pole Vault Warm-up trials after three consecutive passed heights.

The questions raise concerns (to this writer) that we have officials not reading or not being aware of the interpertations that come out a frequent intervals during the track seasons.
Don't be the one to mess this up.. the season is just starting. Get it right tomorrow and every meet thereafter. Good luck.

18 Mar 2017:
The following link as been provided by your president for purposes of Racewalk training.
28 Feb 2017:
SafeSport information has been received.  A document has been placed in the document data base with instructions on how to login and take the safesport training. File is named "Safesport Instructions" and is in PDF file format.
Any questions.. contact you chapter VP.
26 Feb 2017:
A forum entry has been created in the "FAQ" section regarding questions relating to the unavailability and the unreliability of the "new" Winchester "training" .22 blanks.
This is from Tom McTaggart, our NYS track and field Interpreter. 
His power point (ppt) file has been placed in the document data base. It is entitled "The 9 mm Alternative."  Anyone currently working track meets as a Starter or considering working as a Starter should review this document.
22 Feb 2017:
An email you received today with regards to "Executive Board has requested that all members take the SafeSport program" and instructions can be on this website is not quite correct.
At this time do nothing until further notice.
This will be clarified for you at the annual meeting on March 6th.
01 Feb 2017:
If you did not receive the email from our state interpreter, the document that was attached is in the SOCAT document database.
It's the 2017 NFHS Track and Field Rules Interpretations document that also contains rule book corrections published by the NFHS.
20 Jan 2017:
A copy of the 2017 Track and Field Pre-Meet notes has been placed in the document data base. 
Thanks to the NYSPHSAA and Tom McTaggart for obtaining this document.
07 Jan 2017:
In the document database is a file named "USATF Track and Field Code of Conduct for Officials".
Its a single page consisting of two sections.
1) code of ethics
2) performance  guidelines
Every item is applicable to how SOCAT officials should conduct themselves at a track meet. It is worth your time to review this and even carry a copy with you.
06 Dec 2016:
The document section contains a few new items.
1) under 2016/2017-Indoor/2017-Outdoor you will find a PDF file with a photo of two types of Nike Compression shorts.
One (the Nike Pro Hypercool) is completely ILLEGAL.
The other (the Nike Filament short) is FULLY LEGAL.
Know what you are dealing with and why. 
If ILLEGAL, warn athlete and DQ if they do not change to become compliant.
There is a FORUM posting of an email from Tom McT addressing ILLEGAL SPANDEX.  I highly suggest we all read this.
2) Under Videos/pictures.. there are two photos of Mary Onken  (and one with Wendy) from the USATF 2016 Convention at the Officials Hall of Fame dinner in Orlando.  Mary was one of several USATF officials inducted into the National Officials Committee Hall Of Fame.
It is a well deserved honor for Mary and for SOCAT.
3) For those aspiring PV officials, please see this FORUM entry at http://www.socat-trackofficials.org/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?227
It deals with the clock time to be used when multiple athletes are coming in after three passed heights.
This was posted back on May 16 2015 @01:29PM
This was discussed at the Ulster Meeting on 29Nov2016. No one should be combining the time based on the number of athletes.
***  All prior chapter and website news are kept in the archives database ***

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