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Spring 2017 Rockland & Section 1 Important Meets
The following is the lineup of Spring "Post-Season" Championship meets
Posted by ShawnF
22 Mar : 15:52

Spring 2017 Rockland County Invitationals
FYI - Each host school handles their own assignments, except for April
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16 Mar : 10:50

Re: questions relating to the unavailability and the unreliability of the "new" Winchester "training" .2
the ppt document is in the document data base.. File name is "the 9 mm
Posted by socat
26 Feb : 18:37

questions relating to the unavailability and the unreliability of the "new" Winchester "training" .2
Hi Folks,  I have had so many questions relating to the unavailability
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26 Feb : 12:38

This went out in an email reply to Tom's distibution list.. It is repe
Posted by socat
06 Dec : 19:53

Main welcome panel

Welcome to the web site for SOCAT Track and Field Officials

Welcome to the Southern Catskill Track Officials Web Site. This is about us.

Our Chapter consists of member officials serving section I schools located in Rockland county and all section IX schools located in Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties. SOCAT also provides officials for most of the section IX schools located in Dutchess county.
However, you may (probably) have to become an associate member of the Dutchess Officials chapter to receive assignments. This is a recent change after the retirement of the former MHAL assignor. Contact your county VP for details.

Our basic mission statement: (click here)
04 Feb 2013:
New officials and current officials... If you need assistance signing on to the site..
Contact the webmaster at
Do you need a logon USERID? click here to find out.
If you are interested in becoming a SOCAT Track and Field official, click here.

Thank you for visiting the SOCAT web site.
Hope your 2016/17 indoor season was enjoyable as will be your 2017 outdoor season starting in April.
SOCAT Meeting Information:

18 Mar 2017:
All meetings have been completed for the 2017 outdoor season.
Next SOCAT meeting to be scheduled for section IX officials will be the 2017/2018 Indoor meeting to be held in November.
Rockland section I officials will be informed by their county VP as to when their meetings will be held, which are usually in October.
09 Mar 2017:
Three documents submitted by our UlsterVP .. Harvey Gregory have been placed into the document database.
1) SOCAT Constitution (as approved at the 2017 Annual Meeting).
2) Clinic attendance Verification
3) Track Meet Verification of Attendance.
Direct all inquiries to Harvey.
05 Mar 2017:
- Agenda for the 2017 SOCAT annual meeting has been posted in the document database.
- Updated instructions for accessing the SafeSport program has been added to the document database.
- Five documents presented at the indoor state meeting prior to the NYS track and field championships have been placed into the document database.
1)NYSCOTFCC State outdoor Meeting Minutes 11Jun2016.
2)Rules Interpreter Report 24Feb2017
3)Rules Interpretation Summit for 2017
4)State treasurer's report as of March 2017
5)NYSCOTFCC State Meeting agenda for 5 March 2017
14 Jan 2017:
A direct link to the SOCAT draft Constitution has been provided for those you are unable to find it in the document database.
CLICK HERE to access this document. This will ask you to download the file which is in PDF format and automatically open it for you after you click on the large, blue arrow pointing downwards.

07 Jan 2017:
set for MONDAY, 6 March 2017 at Valley Central High school.
More information to be posted once received from chapter secretary.
Tentative time is 7PM.
NFHS Track and Field on-line test has opened on Friday 6 Jan 2017..  
It must be completed and submitted by Friday, 17 Feb 2017 per email from Bill Rule.

Chapter and Website news:
- If you have any track and field related documents that would be good for the chapter.. send soft-copy to the webmaster for posting.
18 Mar 2017:
The following link as been provided by your president for purposes of Racewalk training.
28 Feb 2017:
SafeSport information has been received.  A document has been placed in the document data base with instructions on how to login and take the safesport training. File is named "Safesport Instructions" and is in PDF file format.
Any questions.. contact you chapter VP.
26 Feb 2017:
A forum entry has been created in the "FAQ" section regarding questions relating to the unavailability and the unreliability of the "new" Winchester "training" .22 blanks.
This is from Tom McTaggart, our NYS track and field Interpreter. 
His power point (ppt) file has been placed in the document data base. It is entitled "The 9 mm Alternative."  Anyone currently working track meets as a Starter or considering working as a Starter should review this document.
22 Feb 2017:
An email you received today with regards to "Executive Board has requested that all members take the SafeSport program" and instructions can be on this website is not quite correct.
At this time do nothing until further notice.
This will be clarified for you at the annual meeting on March 6th.
01 Feb 2017:
If you did not receive the email from our state interpreter, the document that was attached is in the SOCAT document database.
It's the 2017 NFHS Track and Field Rules Interpretations document that also contains rule book corrections published by the NFHS.
20 Jan 2017:
A copy of the 2017 Track and Field Pre-Meet notes has been placed in the document data base. 
Thanks to the NYSPHSAA and Tom McTaggart for obtaining this document.
07 Jan 2017:
In the document database is a file named "USATF Track and Field Code of Conduct for Officials".
Its a single page consisting of two sections.
1) code of ethics
2) performance  guidelines
Every item is applicable to how SOCAT officials should conduct themselves at a track meet. It is worth your time to review this and even carry a copy with you.
06 Dec 2016:
The document section contains a few new items.
1) under 2016/2017-Indoor/2017-Outdoor you will find a PDF file with a photo of two types of Nike Compression shorts.
One (the Nike Pro Hypercool) is completely ILLEGAL.
The other (the Nike Filament short) is FULLY LEGAL.
Know what you are dealing with and why. 
If ILLEGAL, warn athlete and DQ if they do not change to become compliant.
There is a FORUM posting of an email from Tom McT addressing ILLEGAL SPANDEX.  I highly suggest we all read this.
2) Under Videos/pictures.. there are two photos of Mary Onken  (and one with Wendy) from the USATF 2016 Convention at the Officials Hall of Fame dinner in Orlando.  Mary was one of several USATF officials inducted into the National Officials Committee Hall Of Fame.
It is a well deserved honor for Mary and for SOCAT.
3) For those aspiring PV officials, please see this FORUM entry at http://www.socat-trackofficials.org/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?227
It deals with the clock time to be used when multiple athletes are coming in after three passed heights.
This was posted back on May 16 2015 @01:29PM
This was discussed at the Ulster Meeting on 29Nov2016. No one should be combining the time based on the number of athletes.
17 Nov 2016:
Two documents from the 15 Nov 2016 Indoor meeting have been placed in the document database.
Search for Kevins "Weight Throw Clinic notes" and the draft of the "SOCAT Constitution" provided by Harvey Gregory.
02 Nov 2016:
New forum entry regarding an acceptable uniform and what's not from our NY state interpreter.
17 Oct 2016:
Three files from the NYS Annual Rules Summit have been placed in the document database.
Two of these files are PowerPoint files.
1) 2017 Rules Summit change ppt
2) Protests and the Appeal Process ppt
3) Referee Scenarios docx
20 Sep 2016:
1) A quick update on negotiations:
Although our negotiations committee put in many hours of work, the other side couldn't "find enough time to get through all the negotiations". According to our own negotiator, Mike Siegel, very few sports groups actually met with the council, so shame on those sports for not stepping up. The Council proposed to the Federation to do a $1.00 increase across the board, leaving all language the same as in the recently expired contract, for 1 year (July 1,2016 -  June 30, 2017) 
All sports in the Federation agreed to this 1 year contract. We expressed our reservations of the sincerity of the Council trying to get a contract completed. We will keep the pressure on them so that our voices are heard. 
2)  Next is the new entry information for West Point:

Here is a letter explaining how to get on the post. I would recommend that you do this prior to the Indoor season so you are not held up at the gate. With this ID pass you can use the coveted DOD gates!  
FYI ---2017 New Post Road is across the street from Park Restaurant -- the Center is under construction so they are located in a Trailer in the parking lot 10
August 2016 MEMO (URGENT): USMA Visitor Access Policy
Team, Effective June 2016, the United States Military Academy has implemented a new Visitor Access Policy. Unescorted visitors 17 years of age and above without a valid (not expired) Department of Defense issued identification card are asked to report to the Visitor Control Center at 2107 New South Post Road West Point, NY 10996 to apply for a West Point Local Area Credential.
The credential, for local residents and personnel who return on a regular basis (e.g., season ticket holders, game officials/clock operators, etc) will be valid for one year. All others will be given a credential that will be valid for the duration of their stay.The Visitor Control Center is open Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm. When the Visitor Control Center is closed, visitors will be directed by electronic signs to proceed to the entrance gates.
For additional information, please visit the following website:http://www.westpoint.army.mil/visitus.html
As always, we appreciate everything you do for the United States Military Academy, Army West Point Athletics, and our remarkable Cadet-Athletes.
Shane Bell Associate Director,
Operations Army West Point Athletics
26 Aug 2016: New State Accident Report Form
This new form has been placed in the SOCAT document data base in original (.docx) format and converted (.pdf) format.
Our president asks we use this form begining with the 2016 Cross Country season.
05 Aug 2016: Rule changes released.
The NFHS has released the major rule changes for 2017.
A PDF file can be found at their web site and in the document database of SOCAT.

One interesting change will be the reorganization of field event rules 6 and 7 into one rule called "Field Events".

The 2017 Rule book and Case book will be available in October. The 2017-2018 Officials Manual will be available in November (this is per information from NFHS.org)

27 Apr 2016:
From the NYSPHSAA office via our State Track and Field interpreter:
You have been invited to take part in the NFHS rules-writing process by taking the annual Track & Field rules questionnaire. This questionnaire is provided so the opinions of a national sampling of coaches and registered officials will be considered by the NFHS Track & Field Rules Committee. 
To participate in the questionnaire process, please follow the link below to the Questionnaire menu and select your appropriate sport link to complete the rules questionnaire. You are NOT required to log in to take this questionnaire.  We thank you in advance for your participation. http://www.nfhs.org/sports-resource-content/nfhs-sport-questionnaires/
05 Mar 2016: 
New site for NY State Indoor Championships.
In 2017, the NY State Indoor Track and Field Championships will be held at the Ocean Breeze Track complex located on Staten Island, NY.
This new facility open its doors to start the 2015/2016 season. 
The site will hold the meet for three years.
25 Feb 2016:
A copy of the 2016 NFHS Track and Field and Cross Country Rules Interpretations has been placed in the document database.
If you don't want to go there, then go to the NFHS web site.
27 Jan 2016:
A copy of the 2016 NFHS Track and Field PreMeet Notes has been placed in the document data base along with a PDF file with rule and case book corrections.
07 Jan 2016:
FYI: The New York 2016 Track and Field test opens tonight at 12AM.
27 Dec 2015:
A good question regarding Medical Alert Bracelets and (hopefully) some clarification with examples has been posted in the FORUM section. It comes from Tom McTaggart, our state interpreter.
All SOCAT members should read this forum entry and look at the links that illustrate the various types of alert bacelets you may encounter.
Images of these bracelets are in the SOCAT document data base. You can look there as well.
23 Dec 2015:
The Evaluation and Training committee has placed a document in the database for your review as to what they will be trying to accomplish.
Request for additional members is also be asked. 
08 Dec 2015 (more):
Some more information from our chapter secretary for the up-coming indoor (and outdoor) seasons.
In response to requests pertaining to uniforms and equipment here is some information:
Uniform for Indoor season is black pants, skirt, or whatever, white shirt, and what keeps you warm.
Outdoor uniform is tan (khaki) trousers, shorts, skirt, skort, what ever, white shirt and what keeps you warm and/or dry.
Approved shirts, jackets, hats, sweatshirts, etc can be purchased and stenciled (New York State Track Official) at:
YOURSPORT Custom Apparel
37 South Clove Road
PO Box 416
Central Valley, NY 10917
Phone # 845-928-3099
There is a link to their web site on the SOCAT web site (www.socat-track officials.org).
There are also links at the web site to other equipment manufacturers for those who may have a need.
08 Dec 2015:
Here is some additional information from Dan Morse regarding security at the gates of West Point.
"Please send out a note to the membership that there will be significant delays at the gates with increased security measures for the foreseeable future at West Point.  Please plan ahead to arrive extra early to ensure arrival to Gillis by start time.
I am still working with West Point security to ensure the starter's pistols will not cause further delays this weekend and beyond.  Updates as they come. 
Thank you."
07 Dec 2015:
All should have received an email from Bill Rule.  The content is repeated here.
A quick note about two items:
1)  If you are working at West Point this indoor season be aware that the security checks may be longer than usual at the entry gates because of recent events.  Plan to arrive earlier than normal as a number of people have had their vehicles and belongings thoroughly checked and this took some time.  Do not forget to bring your ID even if you are a passenger in the vehicle you are traveling in.
2)  If you have missed clinics for certification there will be an opportunity to make-up at the Rosendale Recreation Center on Rte. 32 in Rosendale, NY on Dec. 9 at 7:00 PM.  We will cover start/finish, field events and  brief review of the new 2016 rules.  The clinics are geared toward new officials but can be used to fulfill the 5 Point plan if you have missed any of these parts of the plan.
Harvey Gregory - VP, Ulster
Bill Rule - Secty/Treas
05 Dec 2015:
If you experiencing difficulities accessing the exam registration page, make sure you have pointed you browser to this URL: https://exams.nfhs.org/

03 Dec 2015:
If anyone interested in learning the FAT system please contact Wendy Warnock at president@socat-trackofficials.orgso that we can start coordinating with OUBOCES.

Training may be during the daytime or at a meet. Please indicate if you are available during the daytime for training
27 Nov 2015:
Additional information regarding on-line test registration.
1) Use SOCAT for the local name field.
2) Leave the "State Lic./ID No:" field blank.  This may have to be filled in at a later time.
3) The test will accessible (i.e. start date) on January 8th and must be completed by February 6th.
4) Once the test is closed, the results will be submitted to Bruce Crandall, Orange Area VP
19 Nov 2015:
In the document repository, under 2015/2016-Indoor/2016-Outdoor subentry you will find an On_Line Exam Information Packet (pdf format).
This provides details on how to sign in to take the NFHS Track and Field,Cross Country online test for 2016.
16 Nov 2015:
A good question and a good response to a uniform "logo" question has been place in the document data base as a PDF file. It is from our state interpreter.
I would be a good idea for all to read and print a copy for your "bag" prior to your first indoor meet.
21 Oct 2015:
A copy of Tom McTaggart's 2016 Rule Changes is in the document data base accessible in the documents section or directly via this link to the Rule Change PPt.
If you can't open a PowerPoint file, try this PDF file. It is a much larger file, so it will take more time to d/l.
12 Oct 2015:
An FYI from Tom McTggart regarding "Aiding a Cross-Country Runner: What Are Officials' Responsibilities?" has been posted here and as a forum entry.
07 Oct 2015:
Messages from Wendy (already sent via email).
1) The annual Rules Summit in Binghamton on Sunday October 18th at 10am-2pm. If there is interest in attending, contact Wendy.
Mary Onken and Tom McTaggert are attending.

2) If you are available for the USATF XC meet on the same day at Warwick (Sunday the 18th).
The first race is 10:15 and the last is slated for 12:15. USATF certified officials preferred but not necessary.
Contact Wendy if interested.
11 Sep 2015:
A link has been added in the chapter links section to the new Ocean Breeze Park Track & Field Athletic Complex located on Staten Island, NY.
It will host a large number of high school, collegiate and USATF youth indoor meets this 2015/2016 season.
For those who live reasonably close, here is another opportunity to work meets and work on your officiating skills. 
29 Aug 2015:
Two new documents have been added to the data base.
2) More details with rationale on the new track and field rules for 2016.
28 Jul 2015:
Here are a couple of news items from the nfhs.org web site that pertain to all of us.
1) The NFHS as published rule changes for 2016. This can be found in a press release at this link on the nfhs.org web site.  Click on this Rules Changes Approved for High School Track and Field, Cross Country link.
This is just a press release and not detailed rule wordings.  More will come from our NY State Interpretor at a later time.
2) One of our experienced officials has located this interesting article also at the nfhs.org web site that all officials should read. It has to do with are we (i.e. you) acting as a professional during track and field meets.

I would recommend each official read and think about the information in the article at this link .. Are Officials Full-time Professionals? Maybe it is time to step away from the action.
18 Jun 2015:
Several pictures have been placed in the document data base under videos->pictures for SOCAT members to view.
These are pictures of a gift Mary Onken was presented at the NY State Meet held this past weekend at the Albany University track for 20 years of service to SOCAT.
Please take the time to email Mary and congradulate her for this outstanding achievement.
16 May 2015:
Please read in the Rules, Interpretations or Mechanics, under "Interpretations" a forum entry regarding what to do when you have multiple competitors entering a PV competition after passing 3 consecutive heights.
This is a NYS interpertation and as your read the  forum entry, the intent of the NFHS all along.  With that in mind if you have a 2015 Case Book, scratch out 7.6.16 Situation B on Page 79 in your case book as it says otherwise. Don't use the CB method.
Also see forum entry in the General Information, "Chapter Business" topic regarding .22 shell reimbursement.
19 Apr 2015:
Please read and print a copy for your bag, the document regarding Supplementary padding at the High Jump and Pole Vault venues. It if located in the document data base.
This is not to be ignored any further by the schools nor officials. Add the padding or cancel the event.
08 Apr 2015:
A forum entry by our (chapter) State Rules Interpretor has been posted describing the guidelines and deadline for making a rule change proposal for the 2015-2016 track and field season.
11 Feb2015:
A PDF file containing the 2015 exam rule references is in the document database.
3 Jan 2015:
A new forum entry entitled "Conducting the Weight Throw Manual"  from our NY State interpertor has been added and the referenced document (in PDF format) has been placed in the SOCAT document database.
It can be access directly though this link.
***  All prior chapter and website news are kept in the archives database ***

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